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Miyagawa High: Oshiro Seita by Hamuretto Miyagawa High: Oshiro Seita by Hamuretto
Edit: I GOT ACCEPTED! AMG DESU :iconmoeblushplz: 
Ah so happy, so nervous... If you would like to rp I can do it through skype or iscribble!
Though I probably wont be able to do it till the weekend because of school u vu;; / 

I-I did it I finished //sob
This is my character for the group rp Miyagawa High
I've never done one of these rp group things so I honestly hope I'm not doing it wrong. 
Even if I don't get accepted I will still probably use Seita because I enjoyed making him and like his character design. u vu / 
It's not everyday you get to make a tsundere sadist ♥
Oshiro Seita


1st of June

3rd year 

1.68m or 5'6



Football (Soccer) 

Seita likes to mess with people. Mostly those who try really hard for something that they want (people who are really out going). Mostly because he doesn't have to try very hard in his everyday life (He also likes shy people also they make the best embarrassed faces). 
He mostly lazy's about and doesn't do much other than read an occasional book. 
He does not show much emotion other than the occasional wicked smile he gets from defeating an enemy (This is a figure of speech he could not really beat anyone up nor would he). He is very smart not because he studies hard but because of his photo graphic memory which makes studying something he doesn't need to do. He's not a great senpai but he will listen to people if they have a problem and though he might make fun of them afterword he will probably give them advice on what it is they were talking about. On the very rare chance you embarrass him he will try to hide his face with what ever is in the vicinity.


Seita lived with his mother for all of his 17 years and never met his father. His father is not dead however when Seita was born he said he was not ready to be a dad at the time and left Seita's mom to take care of Seita by herself. With only one parent he didn't live a rich life but he still had a fairly normal life. When he was younger he was always mad at his dad for not wanting him and a little mad at his mom for not making his dad stay. But now that he's older he doesn't mind and would rather not meet his father because he feels it would bring up unnecessary feelings that he doesn't need. He loves his mom to death now and cherishes her (He would never say it though).
#Daddy issues
He never had many friends due to his attitude about everything. But still had the soccer team from middle school who accepted him for who he was.  

+ Manga (Though he may not seem it he's a bit of an otaku)
+ embarrassing people
+ His mom ( She is important to him)
+ Sweet things 
+ Watching people

- Over achievers ( He kinda looks up to them at the same time. Its a love hate relationship)
- People who butt in on private matters
- Becoming embarrassed
- Clingy people

Though he may not seem it he does have a lot of likes and dislikes...
秀 is his grade point average which is in the 90-100 his is at a shocking 95.5 because of his photographic memory.
So nervous I hope I did this right... I don't do well with suspense o no;; 

Other doodles of him:………
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